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11th February 2019

SURE-Farm at 168 EAAE Seminar in Uppsala

Miranda Meuwissen (@MPM_Meuwissen ) presents  SURE-Farm at the 168 EAAE Seminar in Uppsala ( The presentation entitled “A behavioural perspective on resilience of farming systems” explains the Farming Systems Resilience Conceptual Framework and how does resilience relate to behaviour. Clik below and have a look at the presentation. EAAE Seminar-Behavioural- Perspectivesin -Agricultural-Economics-and-Management

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EAAE European Association of Agricultural Economists
30th January 2019

EAAE Seminar. Sustainable and Resilient EU Farming Systems

EAAE Seminar on Sustainable and resilient farming system in the European Union. When? The 26-27th  September 2019 Where?  Bucharest (Romania) The seminar, organized by our partner the Institute of Agricultural Economics (, will bring together European agricultural economists with an interest in resilience and sustainability of the farming systems in the EU. It aims to evaluate […]

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28th December 2018

New report issued on the contribution of the CAP to EU farming systems resilience

This report presents the findings from an application of the Resilience Assessment Tool in eleven case studies across Europe to assess whether and how the current configuration of EU and national policies supports or constrains the capacity of regional farming systems to cope with the range of novel challenges. D4.2 Report with the results of […]

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12th September 2018

The 3rd SURE-Farm Consortium meeting

The 3rd Consortium meeting will be held the next 17th and 18th September at IAMO in Halle (Germany). The International Scientific Committee of SURE-Farm will be attending the Consortium meeting to provide the team with their perceptions on SURE-Farm framework and activities. A complete agenda is organised to share all progress achieved so far and […]

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4th June 2018

Policy Brief on Resilience Framework

Why the CAP should widen its approach.  To achieve its objectives in a changing world, the Common Agricultural Policy needs to put the resilience of Europe’s farming systems at its center.  The current CAP focuses on making the farming community more robust against shocks in the short run. However, a broader view on resilience is […]

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16th April 2018

The Second SURE-Farm Consortium Meeting – April 19th and 20th

During the days between April 17 and April 19, the second Consortium meeting for SURE-Farm will be held at UPM’s building of Higher Technical School of Agronomic, Food and Biosystems Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas). The Consortium will start on the 17th with training sessions regarding the case studies, […]

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5th April 2018

Press Release on Resilience Framework

Resilience of the agricultural sector is an important aim of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Most often, resilience is focused on stimulating robustness, with policy and market instruments aimed at maintaining the stability of the farm business. However, a group of European scientists argues that this is too narrow a way of looking at resilience. […]

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19th February 2018

SURE-Farm Resilience Framework at the International Conference: Coping with risks in agriculture

22nd -23rd February 2018, Collège des Bernardins, Paris The 23rd February 2018 Dr. Miranda Meuwissen, the SURE-Farm coordinator, will present the EU Farming Systems Resilience Framework in the “Measuring resilience and vulnerability in agriculture” Workshop at the International Conference: Coping with risks in agriculture: What challenges and prospects? She will also participate as keynote speaker in […]

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1st February 2018

SURE-Farm Resilience Framework and Scenarios for EU Agriculture

SURE-Farm proposes the Resilience Framework and Scenarios for EU farming systems. The integrated Resiliene framework  provides structure and definition to the farming systems complexity and stipulates a structure to discuss sensitive topics among stakeholders, such as professional reorientation, negative feedbacks between attributes, stakeholder awareness and action plans regarding resilience of farming systems, and disputes about short-term versus long-term […]

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22nd January 2018

SURE-Farm invites you to participate in the project.  If you agree to take part in SURE-Farm, you will be asked to complete an online survey/questionnaire that will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete. We hope that your participation in SURE-Farm may increase our understanding about farming system resilience and how resilience can be improved […]

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28th September 2017

SURE-Farm project Kick-off meeting

On September 28th and 29th 2017, the SURE-Farm Project consortium partners will meet in Wageningen for the official kick-off meeting.

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