Co-creation platform
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One of the aims of the SURE-Farm is to ensure that farmers, consumer’s organizations, financial institutions, value chain actors, policy makers and non-partner scientists can contribute with ideas, feedback and relevant information/data.

To achieve this goal, SURE- Farm seeks to co-create value with stakeholders through the whole project. Co-creation is an active, creative and social process based on collaboration between producers and users to generate value.

SURE-Farm follows different ways of co-creation:

1. Co-creation at local level by organizing co-creation workshops in the case study regions
2. Co-creation by organizing four big day events with confirmed stakeholders
3. Co-creation by working with a virtual community.

The SURE-Farm virtual co-creation community allows to bring together stakeholders who have common interests and engage in online conversations to share their concerns, experience and knowledge.

Members of the virtual co-creation community will represent various member states and reflect different institutional contexts, including policy makers, farmer’s organizations, upstream and downstream actors in the value chain, and financial institutions (banks and insurance companies). SURE-Farm will ensure a sufficient critical mass of stakeholders with a high degree of involvement in the project.

The virtual co-creation community will be involved in the various research stages and contributes to problem scoping, tacit knowledge production, validation and design.

The emphasis on co-creation and stakeholder participation through all stages of the project ensures that the SURE-Farm results meet stakeholder’s needs.

Involvement of the stakeholders in SURE-Farm

The SURE-Farm co-creation platform is launching soon!